Wireless Technology

Many electronic devices today incorporate wireless technology, and hearing aids are no exception. Thanks to the advent of Bluetooth, hearing aids are more versatile and convenient than ever.

Wireless technology utilizes high frequency radio waves to transfer data between two electronic devices.

Hearing aids with this functionality can be paired with mobile phones, computers, tablets, MP3 players, external microphones and television sets. Streaming signals directly from these devices to the hearing aid results in improved sound quality, functionality and convenience, and reduced feedback. Wireless technology allows you to easily and independently adjust the volume level on both your hearing aids and other devices, giving you versatility that hearing aids alone cannot match.

In order to overcome the issue of limited battery power in most hearing aids, assistive listening devices known as streamers are used to allow the hearing aid to communicate with other electronic devices. These are worn on the body and eliminate the need for a receiver on the hearing aid, reducing overall weight and saving battery life. They function as a personal remote, making it easy to control your other electronic instruments. Multiple devices can be connected to a single streamer, making it a cost-effective option. Sounds can be streamed to one or both hearing aids depending on your need – a feature that can be especially helpful when making phone calls.

When considering whether wireless technology will benefit you, take a look at the activities you enjoy and how often you rely on personal electronic devices.

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