Hearing Aid Accessories

Helpful hearing aid accessories to simplify your life

Hearing aids represent one of the biggest investments you can make. They’re a great solution “out of the box,” but accessories can improve your listening experience even more. A list of popular optional items includes:

  • Batteries. A ready supply of batteries will ensure your hearing aids are useable at all times. It’s a good idea to pack extras when you’ll be away from home, so you’ll remain connected wherever you go.
  • Wireless Accessories. Bluetooth technology has expanded the versatility of hearing aids. Wireless accessories can help you hear better in challenging listening environments. Microphones, remote controls, television headsets and streamers – which provide a vital link between your hearing aids and personal electronic devices – are all useful extras.
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). Essentially personal amplifiers, these consist of a microphone, transmitter and receiver, and can help you hear more easily in situations where background noise, distance or poor acoustics are factors.
  • Cleaning Kits. Cleaning kits are useful in preventing damage from earwax, dust and dirt, leading to a longer life for your hearing aids and fewer service or repair issues. Most kits include wax removal tools (brush/pick/guard), a tube and vent cleaner and a magnet for easy removal and replacement of the batteries.
  • Adaptors and Cords. Power adaptors and cords improve the versatility of your hearing aids and allow for direct input from a variety of electronic devices.
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