Tinnitus Retraining

The Annoying Buzzing in Your Ears

There is a cure for a broken arm, a twisted ankle and even the occasional headache. But what about the annoying buzzing in your ears? While some of the causes of tinnitus can be treated, such as changing your medication if a drug you are taking lists tinnitus as a side effect, others are not as simple.

Treating tinnitus becomes more complicated when the cause is damage to the inner ear or if the cause is never able to be identified. If this is your situation, your Houston audiologist can take a different approach. Instead of trying to treat the cause, they will work with you to diminish your symptoms.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy, a popular tinnitus treatment in Houston, centers around tinnitus counseling. This approach aims to teach you about your condition and how new techniques and sound enrichment can alter the way you react to and perceive the annoying sounds you hear.

The first step of this tinnitus therapy is to set up a counseling schedule with your Houston audiologist. Regular office visits are key to making sure your treatment stays on track. While the length of the tinnitus therapy differs from person to person, it consists of the same basic steps.

1. Counseling. These sessions with your Houston audiologist help you learn more about what tinnitus is and how your perception of it affects the way you react to the sounds. As you progress, you’ll learn about new methods that can change how you perceive tinnitus. As your reactions to tinnitus are altered through counseling and education, you’ll become less and less aware of your symptoms.

2. Sound enrichment. This important part of tinnitus therapy must be used 24-hours a day to mask your tinnitus. The key is to avoid silence. Your audiologist will help you choose the new background sounds of your life and show you how to incorporate them into every moment of your day. While not an easy task, it is necessary to help make your tinnitus less annoying and intrusive.

3. Retraining exercises. These expertly developed tactics help you to reduce your reaction to your tinnitus, decrease your awareness of the sound and eventually eliminate any feelings of annoyance associated with tinnitus. Your Houston audiologist will walk you through the exercises and help you figure out how to incorporate them into your life.

Are you ready to finally get your life back? Contact your local audiologist to find out if tinnitus therapy is right for you.

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