Costco vs an Audiologist – Hearing Aid Quality and Service Comparison

With such a high prevalence of big box stores now offering patient services, from eye care to ear care, many people are resorting to less-than-optimal care simply for the convenience factor. It’s not a good idea to leave your health up to a big box store employee when it comes to your ears in particular. Instead, rest easy when you see a qualified audiologist who will sit down with you and evaluate your condition to determine the cause of your problem rather than simply outfit you with a hearing aid that doesn’t really address the underlying problem. Instead of resorting to Costco or Walmart for your ear care, why not rely on the expertise of a proven professional? Let’s examine the top three reasons why you should go to an audiologist and leave the big box stores to what they do best: affordable clothing, food and TVs.

Cost Efficiency

The low prices of ear care departments in big box stores are undisputed. They are indeed low, but they are low for a reason. They lure you in with cheap prices on anything from products to service, then they try to sell you other more costly accessories and services you don’t need. This is why getting ear care at a big box store can be far more expensive than an audiologist’s office. At least with an audiologist, you know you’re getting superior quality on anything from service to hearing devices. In addition, your healthcare insurance should cover much of the cost, so even though the price sounds high, you’re coming out ahead of the game.

Unparalleled Professionalism

The professionalism between audiologists and workers at big box stores is well-known, but still people opt for the cheaper services. When you do this, you’re missing out on the expertise of your doctor to get to the bottom of your hearing problem and prescribe treatment that works for you. Your doctor has far-reaching knowledge of your ears and can therefore provide an unmatched analysis. Employees in big box stores don’t typically have time or even the expertise to provide you with the highest level of care.


Rest easy knowing you’re getting a boost in product quality and care when you visit an audiologist over your local Walmart, where you can’t be guaranteed what kind of quality you will receive. So many customers have left big box stores with hearing aids only to learn they don’t work as promised later, many times with poor sound quality and interference. An expert in the field of audiology is really your best bet no matter how you look at it.

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  1. Dr.Ramesh Kapur says

    It is a yet another gimmick. Costco provides the same product under their own Signature brand name at almost one forth the cost being charged by mom and pop Hearing Aid shops. It is not true that Big Store hire workers and not professionals. Costco have a full time Audioligist at each location who provides the same level of service and care what an outside mom and pop shop does if not better. It is a baseless allegation that they offer other accessories which one may not need. It is rather just the reverse. The HIRED Audologist has personally nothing to gain by offering the device you may not need. Unfortunately, in order to lure the patients you are just getting paranoid as it starting hurting your pockets as you guys attempt to takes clothes off. There appears to be no reason to charge exhorbitant price even though it msy be oaid by health care providers.

    Bring your prices in parity with Costco . That is the need of hour.

  2. says

    My Grandma purchased a hearing aid from a department store a little while ago. She had to constantly adjust the settings, especially at family gatherings, because it would keep screeching in her ear. She finally went to an audiology clinic and got a much better hearing aid.

  3. says

    I would agree that you get more personalized and quality care when you go to an audiologist. I think there are times when a cheaper option is ok, but when dealing with serious hearing issues you should always seek the best help possible.

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